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Dr. Yuge's E.N.T. clinic
(clinic for otorhinolaryngology)

253-1 2F Kamonomiya Odawara Kanagawa 250-0874  +fax: 0465-27-3325
web appo.:    appo.: 18603-3599-6676


On 16th June, 2008, Kamonomiya-kitaguchi Yuge ENT Clinic has started to practice its promise to the community by providing comprehensive quality healthcare in a compassionate manner for patients with diseases related to the ear, nose and throat. The board-certified physician committed to provide expert care is also dedicated to the profession as he actively participate in specialized otorhinolaryngology.

From birth to seniors, Yuge ENT Clinic delivers the highest level of care you and your family needs in addition to providing informative education.

Whether you are seeking care for allergies or sinus problems, hearing or balance issues, tubes or tonsils, Yuge ENT remains the first place in offering quality patient care in the community.

We encourage you to browse through the website for information about us, office locations as well as the services we provide. We welcome you and your family to Dr. Yuge's Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic.

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Clinic hours

AM; 9:00〜12:30,, PM; 15:00〜18:30
AMclosedtill 2PMclosed
PMclosedtill 2PMclosed


The first time patient needs the direct visit.

Our appointment sysytem, consisting of phone and website, counts automatically your number of the day,
letting you know that you are close to your turn afterwards(10 patients later ).
However, we are sorry the system runs only in Japanese. We also always accept your direct visit.

Appointment time 
On clinic day: From 9:15AM until 30 min. bofore the end of the day
Please note the address and number above.


since July, 2008

This Page is under construction to better serve you.

If you have any questions, E mail:, last updated on 17th June, 2008

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